the spirit

mind, body and spirit

Figure emerges from the comos

A healthy mind and body is a healthy spirit.

When the body and the mind are in optimal condition, it promotes and develops a healthy human spirit. “Spirit” has many interpretations throughout the world. Spirit is most often utilized in purely religious, philosophical or scientific contexts.  This discussion of a healthy spirit is founded in the concept of healthy mind and body creating a healthy life. If we develop and maintain our physical and mental state, then it will lead to a healthy life and in turn be reflected in the elements that make up our character. Our external reflection of this internal development will reflect our quality of life and this good character development will have a positive influence on the world.

How do we develop good spirit? That comes through the effort to develop mind and body. Mind and body develop a healthy spirit. The mind and body fuse into the development of good health and good overall quality of life. All aspects of health as related to mind and body develop into our character.  A good spirit is the result of a well-balanced body and mind. Fundamentally, the best way to understand a good spirit is to understand what makes a good person. It is the combinations and qualities of these good human characteristics that we call a good spirit.