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The energy of life.

Ki to Life is the pursuit of living life to its maximum potential. Good health is a strong body and mind, good nutrition and a good environment. The body is a vehicle of life.  The mind controls all things. Nutrition fuels our body and mind. All things are influenced by their surroundings. All these areas combine for a healthy life. Maximize the benefits of a healthy life.  Enjoy the journey.

What is “Ki”?  "Ki" is pronounced the same as the English word "key". Ki is the Korean to English translation. Ki, Qi (also pronounced "key") and Chi (pronounced in English as "chee") all refer to the same ancient traditional teaching of life.  Ki defines something as Essential, Vital and Indispensable. Ki is the natural living energy of all living things by which we are all connected.  Ki creates all life in the universe. All living things contain Ki. Ki is the living force of the universe. Ki is the “key to life”. A greater understanding of nature's teachings as related to universal energy will promote a high quality of life. No health is no life! Health is the "key to life"!