Stop Negativity

We are influenced by others and likewise our energy may influence others. We should be aware of this influence and understand how our lives may be impacted by negative energy.

There is a universal energy, a universal "feeling" that connects all living things. In traditional martial arts and eastern medicine this energy is referred to as "life force". This natural energy source is translated to English as ki, qi or chi. Ki and qi is pronounced the same as the English word for "key." Chi is pronounced the same as the first sound in the English word "cheese", more specifically "chee." There are numerous translations from many different cultures that represent this living energy. If we look at this universal energy we can categorize two major types. These two major types are "good energy" and "bad energy." Why is this connecting energy so important? When we interact with others, our energy is shared and an often time collides with others. Whether we intentionally interact with each other or indirectly interact with each other, we create connections. We are influenced by others and likewise our energy may influence others. This influence may be good or it may be bad. We should be aware of this influence and understand how our lives may be impacted by negative energy.

How can you get a basic understanding of ki influence? If you tune into your feelings, you can feel and sense it in everyday interactions. If you are in a room with someone and you really enjoy talking to them, then you may feel that little "rush" of good feeling. That is the energy exchange we describe above. When someone is in a great mood or someone comes in the room that is really a good person, you feel that influence. It affects you. The same is true for negative influences. If someone comes in the room and they are really negative, then you feel the drain of you energy. If someone comes in the room and they are really angry and upset, you feel that influence. You can feel that connection, which are energy connections. Our energy is at work, connecting with others, influencing ourselves as well as influencing others.

So how do we deal with that negative influence? It is a matter of recognizing these negative influences and understanding best how to minimize impact in your life. It is not an easy task. It is a task well worth the effort! Remember also that this understanding is about how to control our own negative impulses, not only those we often come into contact with. Our own selfish negative energy impacts both our own health, but also the health of others. We all stumble. We all suffer. No one is perfect. It is about awareness and effort to better manage how negativity impacts life. If you do not properly deal with negative forces, then they drain you as I am sure you notice. There are a lot of negative forces out in the world. Very rigid negative minds lead to very rigid negative views of the world.

Individual perception is everything. A negative mind will see the world as negative. Therefore, we must develop a positive mind and our view of the word will develop to be a more positive outlook. Discipline is the key to building and maintaining good energy. Effort is key to developing good feelings. Good energy is a successful life. Through discipline, we develop a good mind, body and spirit. Through this mind, body and spirit development, we gain a better view of the world. We see the bigger picture of living, and are less affected by those negative influences.

We will not always avoid negativity. It is something that we cannot control. We can control how we deal with this negativity. Do not focus on the fact that everything around you is negative, but focus on the positive aspects of living. Perception is key. Remember the negative mind sees the negative world, and a positive mind creates the positive world. We create influence from within and live the best life we can. This inner force will create good energy, this individual good energy influences the larger energy pool and in turn helps others. That is why is important to contribute good things.

Much like a battery, we try to charge ourselves with good living energy. There are negative influences that will collide with us, and try to zap that charge. Instead of fighting this negative influence head on, try to redirect it. Accept it, do not hold on to it and release yourself of it. Otherwise, it clings and drains you! That is why we often "empty" our minds to release or "empty" our negative influence, and reaffirm the positive source of our energy.

We often mentioned the negativity that we are surrounded with, so it is very important for us to understand negative influence. How we better understand things is through effort and understanding. In traditional martial arts and eastern medicine the Korean to English translation of "bad energy" is called "sa ki." The Korean to English translation of "good energy" is called "sun ki." Don't let negative energy drain you! Keep balance in your life and keep an open view of the bigger picture of the world. Accept the negative energy if you cannot avoid it, redirect and release it. Don't let negative influences take over and control your outlook. Don't let negativity control your life. Develop good internal energy. Let that positive vibe reflect out to the world.

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