Choose your destination in life!

Fate or destiny?

Fate and destiny are commonly interchangeable by definition alone. The great teachings of this fate destiny relationship often go unnoticed. If you can look objectively at these two words and a lesson of life they hold, you will find a tool that can help bring balance to your life. Remember that balance is our ultimate goal in life. We work toward balance. Our life is a constant shifting of momentum and extremes. However, we work to live on the grand scale a balanced life that in turn is a healthy life. In this specific discussion fate and destiny will have some distinctive differences.

First let’s look at “Fate”. Fate in our lesson is something that does not change. Fate is a rule of nature and our universe. Fate is among one of the few standards in nature that will never change. For example, we understand that a life is born into this world and eventually dies. We understand that the sun will rise and set, and there will be daylight followed by night time and vice versa. This is not to say some catastrophic event could happen that changes the course of our lives on earth. However, the rising and setting of the sun and changing of the seasons is a constant within our perfectly balanced planet. These examples are constant principles. These are natural events of our lives and universe that remain constant. The concept of constant and unchanging is what we’ll refer to as “Fate.”

We are born and we die. There is the dawn of the day and the evening dusk. These are constant. However, within this constant understand that changes do occur. Nature will teach and show that on one hand, the rules of fate are in place. In our lives, some things never change and remain constant. Nature will also teach that on the other hand, there is also the lesson that everything is in constant change or motion. This constant change is also a lesson of nature. Have you ever heard the expression, “Change is the only constant in life.” It is a great expression and a great teaching. It is true. We now have these two interacting lessons of nature. These two interacting lessons are no change and constant change. They create balance. There are things that are constant and unchanging in life, but within this constant unchanging cycle, things are always changing. Confused? Consider this example. We are born and then we die. That is our fate. However, within this cycle of life and death our life is a constant evolution of change. We cannot choose to escape the cycle of life and death. We can however choose what we do in the time we have. This leads to what we call our “Destiny.” Your choice in life.

Let’s now look at “Destiny”. Nature teaches that it is our destiny that can be changed. The fact that we will be born and we will die is fate, whether we like it or not. However, the choices and the way we live this life is our destiny. Regardless of fate, you can change your destiny. We alone have the power to make our blank canvas of life we are born with good, colorful, and happy, or we can make our life negative, dark, and sad. You create your destiny. Destiny, your destination in life, is created by you. Life requires us to live this process. There is no alternative. You cannot choose to avoid the fate of your life or your destiny created by your actions. Even though Fate and Destiny are different, one cannot exist without the other and they work as one. This is the theory of balance. There is the expression that “Life spins forever, but remains the same.” Fate and Destiny are constantly changing but they stay the same. Use this observation as a tool to develop a quality life.

Make a choice

What type of life will you choose? You have the power to change. You have to make that choice to change. It’s critical to understand the choices we have in life. We do have the power to influence our destination in life. We can control what we can control and be mindful of wasting energy and time on those things we cannot control. There are things in life we cannot avoid. Bad things happen, just as great things happen. It’s simply unavoidable. What we can do is be mindful of how we let these unavoidable circumstances impact our lives.

An individual will face adversity in life. Life will often times bring seemingly insurmountable odds. At times we feel powerless. At times we feel there is no hope. Do we have to feel this way? The answer is … no. It is a choice. Any many times it is a hard choice. It is not always easy. It takes effort. It takes discipline and dedication. It is often times easier to let adversity in life determine your destiny. It is often easier to make excuses for our lives and place blame elsewhere than to make a choice to overcome.

Fate and destiny, change and no change … these are all seemingly deep philosophical ideas. However, remember that the underlying principle is the power to choose. The freedom of choice. Life is beautiful. Life is truly amazing. Life is also full of challenges. It is quite an ebb and flow of emotion. Just as there is beauty, there is also the very real horrors in life. It is hard to encompass all the challenges that individuals face on our planet. We are all unique and all on an individual journey of life. As we cannot always avoid challenges that being a human being present, we can give our best effort in regards to how we let these challenges impact our live. We can overcome. We can shine in the darkest hours. There is great joy in this journey of life. Look to the teaching of fate and destiny and to the understanding of change and no change. Understand the power of choice! Understand the power of change!

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