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Balance is the key to a healthy life. Not too much, not too little … just right!

If we could choose one word to serve as a guide to a healthy life, it may be the word “balance”. Another good word to use is “moderation”.  Consider water. Even water must be governed by the teaching of balance. Too little water is bad. The result is dehydration and eventually death. Too much water is bad as well. The result may lead to water intoxication in which the normal balance of the body’s electrolytes is exceeded and outside safe limits. In reality, our journey on this earth is all about our efforts to find balance in all areas of life. Balance applies to all life. Balance is a rule of the universe. Everything in a perfect state exists in a form of balance. Look at earth. The earth is at the perfect balanced distance from the sun. The earth is also in a perfect symbiotic relationship with the moon. All these relationships exist in perfect balance to support the evolution of all living things on our planet. Balance is everything. Let’s look at balance in our daily life.


A balanced mind is a balanced life and a healthy life. The mind controls all! We are always looking for balance and this is never more evident that with our mental health. Our emotions are a perfect example of balance. Emotions are strongly tied to our health and balance. Think about these key emotions that impact our lives. Consider the emotions of Joy, Anger, Anxiety, Grief, Fear, Pensiveness and Fright. Any of these emotions in excess and for extended periods of time can adversely impact our lives. Joy is a very good thing. However, in excess it may trigger over over-excitement that leads to feelings of agitation, insomnia and even abnormal heart rhythm. Anger is a more recognizable emotion that causes impact in our lives. This includes associated emotions like resentment, irritation, frustration … etc. The heart is impacted and blood pressure increases. Anger leads to rage which in turn leads to bad decisions and overreaction to often normal situations. These examples can help show how other excessive periods of emotions such excessive grieving, chronic dealings with fear, severe episodes of fright, over anxiousness and thinking too much (pensiveness) may impact our lives and overall health. Balance is always … always central to health. Such a powerful weapon is the mind and the more we can work toward a balance, a most healthy life will be manifested.


The body in perfect balance is true wealth. There is balance in physical health. Not too much, not too little. It is often a difficult balance in these competitive times of sports and wellness. We are raised to push limits … fast, higher, stronger. In this process, extreme conditioning if often a tool to achieve these extreme limits. However with extreme conditioning comes consequences. It’s a personal choice that must be made by the individual. What are you willing to live with? What is your goal? If your goal is maximum physical health, balance is essential. It does not mean that you should not push your limits and live the faster, higher, stronger motto. It means that you can push your limits in a balanced approach that allows for proper preparation and recovery. Go extreme at times, just maybe not every day of your life.   The human body and potential is amazing. It will become adapted to what it is exposed. Simply remember that there is a difference between a sprint and a stroll. Both lead to the same destination. One uses the strongest fastest approach and one uses a less intense controlled approach. The impact by both is very different on the human condition. Strive for balance in your physical development. In the end, it is your choice. As mentioned, just understand that there is a price to pay for whatever path that is chosen. No exercise is bad. Excess exercise is bad. Balance!


A well balanced diet and nutrition is true medicine. Food is medicine! We truly are what we eat. Balance in diet is extremely important. There is a daunting amount of data now and days related to the impact of improper nutrition. If we are fortunate enough to be able to choose good balanced diet foods, we should choose a good balanced diet. Many humans are not as fortunate. Many people do not have a choice. If you have a choice, maximize that choice. If possible, choose food that is in good balance and is in its most natural state. Fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds, healthy water are great examples. As least processed as possible is a good rule. Unprocessed means foods that are in a naturally healthy state. Always remember that some foods in their natural state may result in illness if not handled properly or may even be somewhat toxic. Know what you are putting in your body.  It does not mean, do not have a dessert once in a while. It means that you maybe should not eat dessert three times a day, seven days a week. Enjoy food. Enjoy food in balance and moderation.


Balance in our surroundings is a foundation for a healthy life. How often do people look at a balanced environment as a tool for health? What do your surroundings look like? We all depend on our environment for our existence. Our environment provides those essential elements that support our life. Good clean air, drinkable water, good sanitation, support for nutrition, a safe living place are all interconnected to environment.  Healthy social relationships also contribute to a good living environment. Positive or negative relationships impact health. Anyone can appreciate a good healthy relationship as opposed being surrounded by people who are negative and create a negative social impact. As always, seek balance and positive influence in your surroundings. Where you live, how you live … what you allow into your life and who you allow to be close to your life has impact.  Make your environment as positive as possible. Environmental health is an essential pillar for a healthy life.

Make Balance Priority

Balance is essential for health. Balance is the root of a healthy life. Balance is moderation and moderation is balance! Not too much, not too little. Strive to hover around the middle. There is always fluctuation in our life.  There are extremes in life.  Extremes are often unavoidable. However, we can better recover from these extremes by working to return our lives to a more balanced state mentally, physically, nutritionally and environmentally. Make balance a priority in life. Balance will increase success in maximizing quality of life and truly enjoying the journey!

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