A Better Energy Store

A Better Energy Store

How many times do you feel just drained? No energy. It feels terrible. It feels like there is just nothing left in the tank to get anything done. How can we fix that feeling? How can we find more of that energy that pushes us through the day? There is hope for this often hopeless feeling. As with all lessons of a healthy life, it this hope centers on balance and effort. It takes work. This seems counterintuitive when we are talking about energy level. However, here is the good news. The good news is that our energy levels can be developed and even maintained. There is no super special skill or secret code required. All that is needed is an open mind, some knowledge and the application of this knowledge through skill development. How can we better control our energy? That is the question.

Through practice, time and patience, anyone can develop the skill to increase and maintain the energy needed to live a healthy life. Those first three words are critical. It takes practice, time and patience. This skill is not reserved only for a chosen few. It is a skill that can be developed by all who are sincere in their pursuit. Many things contribute to impacting our energy level.

What contributes to energy? Basic things in life. Diet is critical. Food is fuel. Food is medicine. We truly are what we eat and eating a healthy diet will have a positive impact on our energy levels. Physical exercise is also a great engine to help drive good energy levels. It is important to be active and use our physical attributes as they were intended. Humans were meant to be active. Good balanced exercise will help increase energy levels for healthy living. A good environment also has an impact of our energy. We are influenced by the energy of other people. If you find yourself in negative relationships, be aware of the impact that will have on your energy level. Negative energy naturally drains our positive state of being. Environment is not only based on human relationships but relates to our physical environment we surround ourselves with. Where we live is has influence on energy levels. What influences we surround ourselves with is important. Consider the art of Feng Shui, which is the study of harmonizing with your environment as it related to energy flow.

Of course, the mind. The mind controls all! If you have a positive mind, you will see things in that positive note and that in itself help to maintain our energy level. If you have a negative mind, you will see through the negative mind and it will drain your energy as well as those around you. The mind is truly the master of our ability to either live a positive life or a negative life. Directly tied to the mind are emotions. These emotional experiences have a direct influence on our energy. That state of our emotions has impact our how we interact with other living things. How we manage our emotions and how that correlates with how we treat others … has a major influence on our energy level.

Maintenance of energy takes diligence and persistent exercise and discipline. This skill does not come overnight. As stated it does require dedication. It can be very challenging to maintain a consistent energy level throughout our life’s journey. A good basic rule is to try and remember that all factors of daily living affect our energy properties. With all these aforementioned concepts in mind, one can begin to realize the factors that may affect energy levels in the body.

What do we mean by energy storing? It means the same as storing water. Our energy in the body is under constant changes as a result of internal and external forces. These forces are a direct result of the interactive struggle for balance in life. If one can study to understand the influences of our internal and external environment, then one can begin to recognize the impact that energy has on our bodies. A lack of basic understanding may result in those low energy level experiences. Specifically, these experiences of feeling like you have no energy over extended periods. Good energy levels are signs of good overall health. Lack of energy often leads to illness. Our balance of life is lost. It is difficult enough to develop and store energy without the unnecessary negative effects of our surroundings.

Work to develop your energy levels and work to not lose those techniques and skills. We mentioned these basic skills earlier. These include proper diet, proper exercise, proper environment and a proper mind. If you are not disciplined with these fundamentals, then our skills to manage our energy will be lost. It is almost a two-fold loss. Not only do the levels of energy in the body become diminished, but the skill to maintain and replenish energy levels also become minimal. Just like any tool, if it is not used, then it becomes rusted and broken. You must develop the discipline to better understand and practice daily and as a way of life.

In addition to the skills mentioned above, there are two primary exercises that are critical to help promote and maintain good energy levels. These exercises are breathing and meditation. These two exercises enhance the efforts of a proper diet, proper exercise, proper environment and a proper mind. Breathing for the development of energy is best practiced in the morning. The morning is the waking cycle of nature and the energy of the universe is expanding and flowing. Deep abdominal breathing exercises are very good at helping develop our energy levels. Meditation is also critical to energy maintenance, specifically helping develop a proper mind. Meditation helps harmonize all our internal energy and reduces the impact of those imbalances that drain our energy levels. Imbalances like emotions and stress. Meditation is especially beneficial during the night hours. Night is the harmonizing cycle of nature and meditation practice helps us to harmonize our energy into a good resting state. It helps to clear the mind and may lead to a more restful state.

It all comes back to balance! Balance in our surroundings, balance in our mental state, balance in our physical state, balanced diet … BALANCE!!! What does balance take? Balance takes both mindfulness and effort. This mindfulness and effort can lead to better positive influence in our lives. Positive influence equates to better overall well-being and healthy living. This leads to that energetic feeling we get when we feel the positive vibrations of our surroundings. Work to find balance in all things and see your energy store develop!

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