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A Better Energy Store

A Better Energy Store How many times do you feel just drained? No energy. It feels terrible. It feels like there is just nothing left in the tank to get anything done. How can we fix that feeling? How can we find more of that energy that pushes us through the day? There is hope…
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Choose your destination in life!

Fate or destiny? Fate and destiny are commonly interchangeable by definition alone. The great teachings of this fate destiny relationship often go unnoticed. If you can look objectively at these two words and a lesson of life they hold, you will find a tool that can help bring balance to your life. Remember that balance…
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Emotions of Life

The Emotions of Life Emotion … emotion … emotion! What a rollercoaster of life. Emotions bring the most incredible experiences in life and also the most excruciating. Emotions are complex. There is no shortage of studies and information related to emotions. What they are, where they come from, how they impact the human condition.  Emotions…
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Mobility and Flexibility

Body Mobility and Flexibility for a Healthy Life Movement is life. Consider this lesson from nature. Flowing water remains clean and clear. Use the example of a mountain stream that flows clear and clean. The water is often cool, clear and clean enough to drink without a major risk to illness. This is not to…
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