Monthly Archives: March 2016

Stop Negativity

We are influenced by others and likewise our energy may influence others. We should be aware of this influence and understand how our lives may be impacted by negative energy. There is a universal energy, a universal "feeling" that connects all living things. In traditional martial arts and eastern medicine this energy is referred to…
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Food is Medicine

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” - Hippocrates How important is nutrition? Should that even be a question! Nutrition is a fundamental element of a healthy life. Along with a good mind, good physical condition and good environment, nutrition is a foundation for success. The expression exist for a reason, you…
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Proper Breathing

 Abdominal breathing is optimal breathing. One focus of study in eastern medicine and the promotion of natural health is what is called the observance of the “infant state”.  The three areas of study related to the infant state are flexibility, proper mind and proper breathing. In this specific article, we will focus on act of…
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